Kunstner – Visual Art

Art is a creative force. It is a weapon in the hands of the artist, which is capable to disagree and provoke. It is a weapon starting dialogues and arousing conversations. Art involves the freedom of thoughts, creativity, imagination, and expression, with which the artist has the duty to transfer his technical proficiency, aesthetics, emotional power, and conceptual ideas into a supply for the society.

My motivation as an artist comes from a desire to create. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from making art. Self-discipline and passion are words that characterize me as an artist and illustrates the type of my work ethic and dedication. I realized that art is a marathon, not a sprint.

I am inspired by abstract expressionistic, contemporary, and surrealistic art, in combination with other art movements like impressionism and figurative. The fabulous trait with those movements is the ability to approach the aspects of the world and our psychology in a unique way, by making marks and taking subconscious decisions.

The inspiration for my work comes from life experiences, emotional situations, society, and philosophical questions, also from artists like Wassily Kandinsky, Georgia O`Keeffe and R.B. Kitaj.

Surrealism and abstract expressionism as techniques are remarkably interesting with many creative possibilities and potentials, because they allow me to work subconsciously, keep an experimental approach, an open composition as well as I can work with different textures, effects, and expressions.

Color has important impact in my art. Along with form, line, texture, pattern, composition, and process – color is one of the tools that as an artist utilize to create effective and meaningful artworks. I understand colors can set a mood, make a space lighter or darker and how the choice of colors can affect me and the others as viewers. For me color embodies life and freedom, energy, and vibration. I believe when I express myself through colors, I let my psyche, my inner world landing as a spirit on the surface.

Oil and acrylics are techniques-materials which I like to work with. The outstanding capacity with which fusion of vibrating, and vivid tones or colors is achieved, makes oil unique among fluid painting mediums.

Acrylics from the other side allow me to work fast, exaggerate, give energy, movement and make more rough textures. Depending on how much the paint is diluted with water, can resemble to a watercolor, or gouache result.

Having studied two years in Strykejernet Kunstskole and taking courses in printmaking and graphics, I have understood, that drawing, and painting are closely related. It is very fascinating the process of communication between these two disciplines in a way that one technique makes potentials for the other; like one can complete or supplement the other.

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