Harris is a self-taught artist, who likes experimenting with different materials, styles and techniques. His main material is mixed media acrylics, in combination with pigments, watercolor, gouache, soft and oil pastel, charcoal, or whatever his creativity will imagine.

“I have no specific style, however you can identify my style in many different works”

The themes of his paintings or drawings depict situations in life, experiences, fantasy worlds, imaginary revolutions and ideas about society, and humanity. He studied in a young age, for 6 years in private art schools in Greece, where he comes from, and now he continues his studies in Strykejernet art school in Norway, Oslo. Harris paintings follow the path of expressionism, surrealism, outsider art, in combination with abstract, impressionistic and figurative influences. Some of his favourite artists, who influenced him in the past and now, are Wassilly Kandinsky, Hieronymus Bosch, Max Ernst, Willem de Kooning and Joan Miro. Harris has done four solo and group exhibitions in Greece, and eight in Oslo until now. Beyond painting, Harris likes experimenting with sculturing and wood carving.

“Art is the cable that gives electricity to my creativity”

When Harris paints, likes to follow his instinct. He deals with works that he is free to create, as he is interesting and can be himself. He usually don’t preplan his paintings. Painting for him is like finding a treasure. The only map that he has, is his experience, knowledge, imagination and creativity. Is so captivating for him to find why’s, how’s, when’s in his paintings …speak with symbols and allegories and also play with them in the subconscious of his mind. It is a puzzle he has to solve. Sometimes the procedure is strive. At this moment is coming in his mind Alexander the Great.

“He didn’t solve the Gordian Knot, he cut it”


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